Black Ink is a consulting services organisation. Fiercely independent, we may engage product vendors but do not represent them. For you, our customer, we are your advocate, un-biased and driven to give you the best possible outcome:
  • Current State Review:
    Have you ever felt like your business needs to improve? With our constant exposure to the latest offerings and creative approach to "solving problems through IT", our health-check review can identify the black-spots and offer a set of improvements that are aimed at simplification and greater effectiveness.
  • Technology Strategy:
    Our broad background with a wide range of enterprises, government departments using products and solutions from numerous vendors enables us to help you develop a multi-year strategic approach to technology rather than simply "plugging holes". With over twenty architectures delivered in the last three years alone, we are well versed in top-down design whose ultimate outcomes are a series of  smaller more manageable projects whose focus is on building towards an understood target.
  • Project Support:
    Even if you already have an IT team, chances are they are busy  keeping things running. Here the Black Ink team can provide resources ranging from complete project design-to-delivery through to additional hands for busy times. We have a specialty in project documentation, the bane of most IT environments, but realise the its value as a bridge between the technology and the business its meant to support.
  • Solution Customisation:
    When the package off the shelf doesn't match the way you want to operate your business, the Black Ink team can help you create a solution that will. Whilst we do offer software development, in most cases, the solution exists through customising what is already available giving you faster delivery with less cost and significantly less risk. Our experience really shines in this area.
  • New Business Kick-off:
    Starting a new business is never simple but the Black Ink team has extensive experience in getting you and your team up and running with the essential digital services. Importantly we help you think "beyond the box" with hosted or "cloud" solutions that means you don't have to purchase or maintain a "computer in the corner".